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Increasing Productivity Through Improved Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

Internal Communication is the life blood of Employee Engagement and the resulting increases in productivity.

The PDP solution is designed with non-desk employees in mind, and is particularly suited to on-the-move employees such as nurses, production workers, and other employees who can't always have regular access to desk-based computers, but who still need to know what is going on. The PDP solution provides a simple and straightforward way for employees to access everything from key company metrics to whose birthday it is this month.

People Driven Performance (PDP) is a software development company with a creative vision for providing an internal communications system that is innovative and interactive. We use an innovative, patented combination of software and touch-sensitive employee information kiosks to bring internal communications alive in typical non-desk employee environment.

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Get access to employee engagement ideas, articles, blogs and eBooks. Keep up to date on what is happening in the world of internal communication. PDP connects you to thought provoking content and leaders in these areas to inspire you to transform your organization.

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Employees are the heart and soul of any organization. We will help you build a customized employee communication system that will keep them informed, engaged and excited about your long-term growth and success.

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